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Going Green? Can Green Chemicals Really Clean Carpeting?   full story...

Watch Out for Free Paper Towel Dispensers   full story...

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Are you in need of janitorial supplies? There are so many janitorial supply websites out there that searching for janitorial supplies can become a headache. Hopefully, janitorialsupplies-cleaning.com will help you navigate through the janitorial supplies jungle and choose the best janitorial supplies for your business. This website breaks down the many categories of janitorial supplies into managable sections to help you link directly to the exact janitorial supplies you wish to purchase.

Janitorialsupplies-cleaning.com will help you two ways:
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Going Green? Can Green Chemicals Really Clean Carpeting?

More and more commercial buildings are going Green. Many educational and governmental facilities even require the use of Green cleaning products. LEED certification is becoming more popular in many commercial buildings and facilities. What about cleaning all the carpeting in these establishments? Can a Green chemical really effectively clean the carpet? Will the cost of this transition be worth it?


Watch Out for Free Paper Towel Dispensers!

You are looking for a new paper product supplier. One supplier offers you free dispensers for your facility. What a deal ! Without even looking any further, you decide to sign up the new supplier. The way you figure it.... 15 free dispensers is about $450 of free stuff. However, the real story may cost you tons of money in the long run.


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